Wanted Listings


IT Help
IT/technical support Hi, I have a very old PC and intend at some point to get a new/used good quality laptop. I am well used to using computers for work but need help with troubleshooting, general maintenance, choosing setting up new laptop, etc, and to transfer content of old PC to new laptop when I get one. If anyone has one to trade on here, that would be great. Am not in any real hurry and don't have any particular problems at the moment but would appreciate having someone to call on as needed.

Food & Drink

Fresh Veg, Fruit and Eggs I would like fresh veg, fruit and eggs

Gardening & Horticulture

Help with Pond I need help creating an amphibian-friendly pond in my garden

House Repair & Construction

DIY General DIY and decorating needed.
Electrician Needed Some minor domestic electrical repair required.
Engineering Skills
Handyman I need small handyman repairs in the house
Painting I need to have parts of my house on the outside painted. I will provide paint and equipment.

Languages, Info & Literature

Arabic Simple conversational Arabic
German lessons German lessons for a touring holiday in Germany
Help with Italian I need help with Italian
Russian Language I want to learn more Russian for travel - happy to do it on Skype or Zoom


Lifts I need lifts in the Tavistock area (10 Tams/hour Tams)
Lifts to Airports I need lifts to local airports

Work for TV LETS

Community involvement in LETS We are looking for people interested in organising events, and enthusiastic people to help the group thrive. We also want to see greater use made of LETS - tell your friends about it.
Member Profiles We are looking forward to seeing more background information and photos in Member Profiles - also Offers and Wants being put up by members. If you need help working out how to do this, please ask.
Organising Local Meetings We are operating over a dispersed area. Members can put a listing up under "Events" to let others know about local events they are hosting. Eg Walks in the Park and Afternoon Tea in outside Cafe Areas.