Wanted Listings

Arts & Crafts

Sewing Help


IT Help

Food & Drink

Fresh Veg, Fruit and Eggs I would like fresh veg, fruit and eggs

Gardening & Horticulture

Help with Pond I need help creating an amphibian-friendly pond in my garden

House Repair & Construction

Engineering Skills
Handyman I need small handyman repairs in the house
Painting I need to have parts of my house on the outside painted. I will provide paint and equipment.

Languages, Info & Literature

Arabic Simple conversational Arabic
German lessons German lessons for a touring holiday in Germany
Help with Italian I need help with Italian


Lifts I need lifts in the Tavistock area
Lifts to Airports I need lifts to local airports


Community involvement in LETS People interested in organising events, Enthusiastic people to help the group thrive, To see greater use made of LETS - tell your friends about it.