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Welcome again! LETS - Local Exchange Trading Schemes - are a way of exchanging goods and services with other people in the community and encourage mutual support, helping to regenerate communities, and rebuild the local economy. There are many LETS schemes running successfully throughout the world.

Local LETS is run by and for local people creating wealth that stays within the area. It puts people in touch with a great variety of resources & skills.
Exchange LETS is based on the idea of barter, but it is more flexible, and much more effective as there's no need to find a one-to-one exchange.
Trading LETS uses cashless trading. Wealth is created directly through trade, no interest is charged and everybody benefits equally.
Scheme LETS is a not-for-profit unincorporated membership club. Everybody has skills and someone out there needs yours!
Tamar Valley LETS launched in June 2017 to provide all the benefits of LETS for the surrounding area, including Plymouth. Its unit of exchange is known as the "Tam". We are a member of LETSlink UK, the national coordinating agency for LETS.
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